Salda to Antalya

I set off reasonably early and headed straight for the trails but within 2 minutes I was stopped at a Police checkpoint. A quick check of my documents, two officers wanted to sit on the bike before lots of pats on the back and advice to ride carefully before I was on my way.

Huge surface mines scar the landscape in search of precious stones, metals and the stone itself.
Another turn back. I got this far before walking further up the hill. The trail deteriorated and although the bike was almost certainly capable of tackling it, I wasn’t so sure of riding it alone
A few minutes later I was in the mountains again and it was a good few hours of trails like this

The ride to Antalya was easy but Antalya itself is a hugely busy town. The traffic was manic, it was hot and I wasn’t happy sat gently roasting in traffic

The TET trail disappeared and after a little bit of investigation it transpired it had been replaced by a new road.
I made it to Antalya and found a hotel with cool coffee bar nearby
An evening walk along the beach
My luggage was falling apart faster than I could fix it so it was time to lighten the load and bin this lot
Breakfast was by the waterfall
Really picturesque
Although totally man made this is waste water from a power station cooling system
This is genuine though. Hadrian’s Gate, a smaller version of the one I had seen in Greece. The Romans like a gate apparently
Antalya old city is a lovely walk even on a toasty hot day
The modern town equally good
It was hot and I needed shade and a rest
I ordered a coffee as I had eaten too many sweet things!! 🤣

I’d had two days in Antalya and barely scraped the surface of this diverse city. However it was very touristy and I was ready to move on.

I had managed to find a Decathlon and got myself a big rucksack to replace my luggage.

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