S2 Ep7 Montenegro

My first view of Montenegro was border control.

Well border control was slow. Over an hour to get through and the first time I’ve been asked for documents. Passport and bike docs.

One of my first stops was for a haircut.
In Montenegro they have scenic routes marked and this was route 3.

I thought I’d film the zig zag road. Took the GoPro session off the chin mount and put it on the top mount. Bleep battery dead. Swapped it for GoPro no2 bleep memory full. OK I’ll get to the top and fly the drone.

At the top unpacked everything, hooked up the phone, switched on the drone. It needed calibrating, did that and it refused to fly as it is too close to an airfield.

You know I love an airport right
I don’t know, but I like it

It was all roads and I ended up in Podgorica, the Capitol. I had a fantastic carbonara in town before heading to my super cheap apartment. It was cheap and cheerful.

It looks OK but it was in a dodgy looking area
Inside was a bit tired

Next morning I would be headed to Albania.

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