Norway 15 Laerdal to Vik

The weather said 2° warmer today but it didn’t feel like that, however when you sleep at the bottom of a fjord it takes a while for the sun to climb over the steep mountainous sides. As a result it didn’t really warm up until 10.30. So I had a slow start with a very hot shower and walk into the town to get coffee. At 11 I set off. Its about 30km to Stegastein viewpoint. 24.5km of them in a tunnel. A tunnel with roadworks and a 15minute stop to wait for an escort to take us through.

Stegastein viewpoint is up yet another great twisty road and overlooks Aurlandsfjord
Other than a photo opportunity there’s not a great deal there.

I’d read that Flåm is a wonderful place and as it was just 10km away it became my next destination with lunch in mind.

Remember how big that cruise liner looked in Trondheim. Norway is much bigger than two cruise ships

Flåm is the tiny town at the right of the ship

The ship sailed up the fjord and some people were taking a ferry boat trip round the fjord. I wasted a few hours looking like a misfit amongst the non smelly boot wearing passengers.

I can only imagine the review I read was by a cruise traveller as Flåm is just one big gift shop and a bunch of cafes.
Back on the road and heading to Voss.

Voss is a winter ski resort and although very posh looking I didnt stop. I went to look at the ski jump and a decent view of the town from up high and then set a course for Balestrand another of Norways highlight rides.


The afternoon was drawing to an end and the riding was very similar to riding The Mountain section of the Isle of Man, only it went on for 100km. Pure biking heaven. I saw 3 cars the whole way and was just loving it. Eventually I rode into a town called Vik. That will do for today I need a rest. My head and shoulders ached but I’d had yet another stunning day.

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