S2 Ep6 Stop the clock!

As this would be my first day in a non schengen visa country I could stop counting days. As Brits we can now only spend 90 days in every 180 in schengen registered countries. So at 50 days the counting was put on hold.

I headed for Zagreb to try and locate a new front tyre. Long story short 10 shops 70 miles no tyre.

Riding towards the coast I took shelter from a massive downpour

It was 4pm and the skies were black. Next to the petrol station was a motel. I was in and cozy for the night as heavy storms rattled on.

In more grey skies the next day I headed further towards Rijeka. Soon I was staring at the Med.

I had plans to visit two lesser known tourist attractions

On the coast to the North of Rijeka is the first ever torpedo factory and testing facility. Empty for decades its slowly being reclaimed by the sea.
This is the Communist built Palace Hotel. Again now abandoned it was fascinating to see and wonder what deals were brockered in those little booths on the dance floor.
Lunch in a cute harbour but storm clouds were forming
29km later I found a great apartment and there was a supermarket just down the road. I ate way too much that night.
Decission time. The weather said stay on the coast but the TET is in those mountains and I wanted some off road.
As I went up the clouds moved away.
I cant explain how steep this rocky path was. I almost turned round. Riding alone is no time for heroics.
I walked up the climbs to assess them first. I was shattered. If it rained I was scuppered
A gentle reminder not to wander off the track
Some bits were awesome, fast gravel tracks weaving through stunning scenery
Towards the end of the day a hill top monument to those young men who gave their lives just 27 years ago.
Im in a race against the seasons and Im not winning
Time to head back to the coast and find somewhere
At a cost of £24 I got a 3 bed apartment with a covered entrance for the bike.
The covered entrance was needed. The weather was bad and there was no way my bike, my mis-matched tyres and my ability were going to be able to continue in the mountains
So I followed the coast road south, dodging rain storms. This is Zadar an old city and fort
It was beautiful but as so many places it was full of boutique shops.

Back on the road and still rain dodging i was pleased with my efforts until I felt a few drips. I always go straight for full wet gear but there was nowhere to stop and in the few minuyes it took to find a place, the rain was hammering down. I was drentched. It carried on for quite some time. I decided to get a room.

This little place was perfect. It literally had steps down into the sea.
Next morning it was as if nothing had happened
I was headed for Dubrovnic. This is a spectacular bridge. I stopped to admire it and met a Brit on a BMW who had riden down just to see it.
Dubrovnic campsite was rocky.

I had heard from a work colleague, Mark and his wife Julie, that they were in Dubrovnic. We met up and I drank beer. (Not done that in a while).

These two were great company for two nights. It was great to see Mark and meet Julie
A patrol boat from the serbia Croatia war
Looking like something from the A team. This armoured vehicle was manufactured in Dubrovnic to protect Dubrovnic
The old town is captivating. I walked around the castle and streets for hours.
Used in Game of Thrones they were filming again during my visit
Viewed from the top of the cable car

The weather had been awkward for off road riding but when it cleared up Croatia delivered in so many ways. I was fairly sure Montenegro would struggle to match it, but its the next country just a few short kilometers away.

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