Turkey, moving on.

After much soaking and a great nights sleep allied with top class food it was difficult to drag myself away from the Harlek Thermal Hotel in Kutahya.

60km of road led me to the TET and gave me time to consider if my knee was going to be OK.

The trail started with some nice flowing trails not very technical and just what I needed
This was fun, wish I’d put the video on. That’s one steep decent. Full on trials riding my ¼ton bike.
Riding up a mountain road with block paving for 30km. Easy riding but not easy construction
Turkey just keeps on giving
A local offered to take my pic. Thanks fella
Some of the tiny villages are really run down but you always get a smile and wave as you ride through on a bike costing more than most earn in a lifetime.

It was another lovely warm day ending with a ride into Usak. The town a mix of wealthy and poor as so many are. Booking a hotel was increasingly difficult as my default website doesn’t work in Turkey. Remember that, when you visit and you really should visit.

Anyway a Ramada Inn was reasonably cheap and the bike was safely locked next to the entrance. That night I patched up the luggage again.

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A new adventure biker just starting out on my blogging adventures.

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