TET day one and my first fall.

So today I crossed my 6th border into Sweden, Malmo to be precise and it was time to hit the TET. First though breaking camp and the tunnel/bridge to Sweden

I was up early, fed and watered. I pa ked away in the warm morning sun. Everything loaded I was keen to go. I pulled away and immediately the bike pulled violently to the right. I couldn’t stop it falling to the ground, watched by other camper, mostly motorsport fans I’m sure. Looking at the downed machine, there it was, the bright orange lock through the wheel, crash bars and front disc. I quickly adopted the recognised position to lift your very heavy bike, without bursting body parts you may need later. I quickly had the bike back up and on its stand. Suddenly that warm morning sun was rather hot.

Yup there it is in orange

Ok let’s get this unlocked and get out of here. Now wheres the key? Last time I recall seeing it was in the tent pocket! Tent off, unpacked on the grass with me ferreting around inside it looking for the key. Anyway it wasn’t in there it was in my rucksack all along. It now hangs on the ignition key.

Take 2. Out the camp through Copenhagen and Malmo is just 20km away. But wait that tunnel bridge combo is about that long, it must start after this little tunnel. Nope that was it and about as dull as it gets. A tunnel that comes up out of the sea half away across the ? Sea and then rises up an enormous 6km bridge. At the end you pay a toll to a machine and the head to immigration. There were about 8 booths all closed with green lights on. I was in Sweden. There was no visitor centre for the bridge it was just over. Anyway the TET starts almost immediately and I was excited by the challenge.

And so it started with nice winding country lanes and the odd wide track. All very easy, probably to lure me into a false sense of security. I’m using an old Android phone to navigate with ‘OSMand’ app, with gpx files overlaid to show the route. It worked really well on the Husqvarna with its 2 x 3amp USB outlets. What became apparent with the Honda was it only has 2.1 amps output and the phone was drawing more power than the bike could supply. Not an issue today but something that could cause problems if I don’t keep on top of the charging situation.

Not much in the way of photos but this is where I ended up.

Vittsjò was the first campsite to pop up on my map after I diverted to buy some food and water. I booked in, set up, showered and went to make coffee only to find the water was sparkling. Luckily all tap water is really good quality in Sweden.

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