Norway 8. Thor made an appearance…..

I was aware of a lot of rain and then the biggest thunderstorm I’ve ever known. After which it was getting light. I unzipped the tent to this!!!!

Hmm thats going to take some drying out. I pulled on my waterproof socks and picked up my boots they had pools of water in them. For extra damp proofing I put polythene food bags over the socks and stepped out.


It all looked a bit grim, thank goodness I’d closed the waterproof bags up. I picked them out the water and saw that they weren’t so waterproof as water drained from them. I then picked the tent up whole and moved it ashore. I temporarily pitched it and got the rest of my kit out. Luckily the sleeping bag and air bed weren’t too bad. I began trying to air them a bit.

At this point in walks Rocky an Italian guy who along with Roberta were riding their KTM1290 around Scandinavia. They had a 2 bed lodge, even better they were setting off early and said it was available until 10am if I wanted to dry my kit. “That’s very kind” I said. “We are bikers” he said.

A huge thank you to these guys.
Let the drying begin
The little fan heater earned its money

What dawned on me quite quickly is that my ageing little dry bags are no longer capable of keeping things dry. I threw out some socks that wouldn’t dry.  Slowly, during my 3 hour occupation of the challet, things dried and were packed away. A few days ago I picked up some sealable food bags, they now protect my dried out electronics and clothing.

Time was running out so I stuffed the soaking wet tent in its bag, packed up and wrapped head to toe in waterproofs I set off. The Lofoten Islands were coming to an end. I visited Reine and then to the very end of the island which is just a car park

Reine is lovely but it was the rain that stopped me spending more time there

It was time to say goodbye to the painfully gorgeous Lofoten Islands. A ferry from Moskenes to Bodø was a cheap option and we set sail at 2.45pm.

The ferry pic isn’t the best because my battery was running out having been on hold to the bank for over an hour. Eventually everything got sorted so I was pleased.

The ferry crossing was really rough and the ship was battered by high winds and crashing waves that made the whole ship shudder. I’ve never liked ferries, I’ve never been sea sick but if its rough I’d rather be asleep, so I stretched out on a bench seat and got my head down.

Bodø arrived at about 6pm. It was dark with big black clouds and high winds. I had decided to get a hotel and try to dry my gear out. The first two were fully booked so gave me the answer. I was less than 2 minutes away so I was pleased to make it before the rain.

Theres a heater behind the sofa but the sofa is bolted down.

I spread everything out to try and dry it. Boots and trainers balanced directly above the heater. Man my boots stink. Anyway there was a free evening meal in the hotel. I attended in shorts and stinking socks.

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