A day off

I planned a day off in Copenhagen as I don’t want to just do a journey. Up early, first in the showers and ready to go by 9am. I made my way to the bus stop and jumped on the 2A brandishing my payment card. “We don’t take cards”, I dug around in my pocket and produced some Danish coins, “That’s not enough” she said. I said I’d find a cash machine and get the next bus, but she took my 2.5 Danish Krone and handed me a 4 Danish Krone ticket. She advised I get a city day pass.

First stop Central Station. I love the age old architecture. I put into the map Tivoli Gardens. If Google maps could talk it would have yelled “You doofus, turn around”

I mean the station is awesome

So the equivalent of £39 got me into Tivoli Gardens and a wrist band for all the rides. Why wouldn’t you…..

I dont even like rides that go round and round. But the rollercoaster was good. The gardens were not that great to be honest but it was a lovely few hours of fun in the sun

I cant load the video so look at the picture while you spin on your head
Again no video, so up n down round n round
No, just no! The height not an issue, going round n round is
Obviously really impressive as I only took one photo

Thrill seeking done I had paracetamol and water before a cross town walk to The Little Mermaid. It’s actually quite a long walk, so get a coffee, play elevator music and continue in an hour

An Mermaid….on the right.

Ok that’s it, really small, really close to the shore. So close that during her time looters have cut off her bronze head twice. The Little Mermaid is a Hans Christian Anderson tale (100% Danish name). But the statue was paid for by Carl Johanson who ‘fell in love’ with the story so much he had the statue made. How did he pay for it? Carl owned a brewery that some say produces the best lager in the world, probably.

Enough mermaid, let’s move on.

Getting back would be a breeze with my new all day ticket. I needed to go 2 stops on the Metro. It was busy and I stood at the door. At the first station a lady walked behind me to exit and I felt a tug on my rucksack. A million to one freak occurrence. The tiniest lip on a zip on her bag, hooked onto the tiniest loop on my rucksack. We were stuck. She wanted off I wanted on. Good chap that I am we both got off. It took minutes to untangle the fiddly little buggers.

More nice stuff I saw whilst walking

So I got back to camp and had made the decission to move on. I love racing cars but to stay meant 4 more days and 3 of those I wouldn’t be able to get the bike out of the campsite.

When this turned up I was tempted to stay but decission made

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