18 Bergen to Lysefjord

I was on the road early with a route mapped by Jon. I stopped for a coffee and met this guy Torbjørn. We had a chat before going our seperate ways.

Torbjørn on his KTM690

However 30 minutes later we met up again and I followed him quite a long way as he popped wheelies as the 690 loves to do. It was about 20 minutes later I realised I had followed him way off my route, I was just enjoying the ride and sounds of the bikes in tunnels.

Clean-ish and going really well.
The route Jon gave me went all the way round Hardangerfjord but after losing an hour following Torbjørn I opted for the ferry
Bucket list, walk on a Glacier.

OK let’s get this straight, it’s still on my bucket list to walk on a glacier as having riden up there, they won’t let you walk on it as its full of crevasses that are up to 30m deep. There is a walk you can do but it’s guided and they had left. So I stood on a bit of snow

The ride up and back wasn’t too shabby either
Once again the big bike looks tiny
Keeping it real with lunch in the supermarket car park
I know, I know another waterfall but they mesmerise you
The sun was setting and blinding me so I pitched the tent for the night

Stopped at a little campsite in Sirdalsveien.

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