Norway 16 Vik to Bergen

Did I mention I stayed in a hotel last night. The hotel Blix at Vik. A great place with a huge breakfast included.

It was a short spin to the first ferry. Vik to Balesend.

Getting better at ferry pics

I was on a mission to get to Bergen. Even using main roads is picturesque

I stopped for a drink and some fruit. In the lay-by was a helicopter and 3 guys all shirtless refuelling it. They told me they work on the high voltage power cables. One guy puts on a shirt and is the pilot and another hangs in a basket under it checking the lines for damage. They didn’t want to take me along with them.

Not every day you pull into a lay-by tofind a helicopter refuelling

Further down the road another ferry, Larvik to Opperdal. Then into Bergen proper and Bergen MC center. I had made contact to get some brake pads and only now would I know if they had managed to order them.

Bergen MC Center

They had and this guy was in charge. Not only did he get them but he locked them away until I got there.

A word of warning, don’t buy stuff for your bike in Norway if you don’t need to. Double the price of UK spares

That done it was time to see if my Bunk-A-Biker host was for real. Jon had sent me the address and I was there pretty much on time. Jon lives with his partner Stephanie and two older girls. The house is stunning and set high on a hill overlooking several small islands off the coast.

They also had a huge cat

My room was huge with a massive TV. The bathroom was lovely and I slept really well

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