20 Stavanger

I wanted to explore places I knew from my two years in Stavanger….

This hangar is where I used to work. It’s a museum now
Peeking in I can see its pretty much unchanged

I spent quite some time looking for Ølberg beach and the once thriving camp site we lived on….

I found it, pretty much as I remember but long since abandoned
I lived in this room. The place is abandoned now but that’s exactly how I left it
I was moved to this detached hut but as winter set in we wanted better

After 6 months on the edge of the North Sea two of us rented a basement flat. I spent a long time trying to find it but managed.

This was the better we got

After that I took another flat but I couldn’t find that one. I did however find the sword monument that commemorates the Battle of Hafrsfjord which took place there in the year 872.

Stavanger Town by the harbour is very colurful
In the Sola Fligmuseum I found a little write up on the HS412SP of 1986. Pretty sure that’s me in the black slip on shoes and white socks

I didnt spend long in the museum, I’ve done a lot of aircraft stuff this year. So I jumped on the bike with a few bits packed in a rucksack and headed to Preikestolen Rock. It’s a 4km hike as opposed to the 10km we used to do.

When I first visited Preikestolen we had to climb all these rocks
In 2013 Sherpas from Nepal came over and made a path
600m down to that boat
I haven’t changed a bit

It had taken less than two hours to get to the rock and after 15 minutes I was ready to leave. I walk quite fast and was overtaking lots of people on the way down, being careful with footing. I did look up a few times and on one of those occasions I saw a guy just in front of the two I was behind. At first glance it looked like Jess but it couldn’t be as he was a few days behind me. Then he turned around, it bloody was Jess. We laughed and chatted as we carried on down the hill.

I had just one last thing to do and that was eat at a Dolly Dimples Pizza restaurant. Another thing I’d done 35yrs ago when the first one opened in Sandness. Crazy but they are still going strong. I invited Jess as another final farewell. He’s a thoroughly good chap and I hope he has the best trip on the rest of his adventure.

The final farewell until next time Jess…

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