A bit of rain.

I knew it was going to be overcast with a few showers. I mean I packed the tent between showers and the Amsterdam swing was in the rain. However by the time I left the A’dam building it was pouring down. Full waterproofs and winter gloves required. I kept saying it will clear up but it didn’t and I found myself looking at the shades of dark sky and hoping my route would steer me towards the lighter coloured grey. My plan was to head north and ride the Afsluitdijk (pronounced Af-Slough-deck) a part of the huge dam holding back the Sea

This is how it looks from the viewing tower, or it would if, a) It were open, and b) it wasn’t next to zero visibility in the rain

With that box ticked I set sail for Bremen. There was no way I would make Hamburg in this rain, now accompanied by massive side winds. The journey got no better, it was more terrifying than any swing over the side of a building. Visibility was terrible and I nearly got taken out by a high speed black car. I was behind a lorry and indicated to pull out, checked the mirror, nothing, a quick shoulder check and this car just appeared out of the spray, no lights on and easilly doing 40mph more than me. I barely saw it as it went past and disappeared into the spray in front.

The last fuel stop of the day and Bookings.com for my hotel.

I found a cheap hotel right near Central Station in Bremen. The ride to it was interesting as Breman has an extensive tram network and all those trams share the road with traffic in certain areas. Of course tram lines and rain are a perfect mix for biking disaster but somehow I made it to the hotel. The Novem Hotel Bremer Haus looked to be in a run down area but it had secure parking in an underground car park. Once in my room I put all my wet gear in the bathroom, took the temperature limiter off the towel rail and wound it up to full. I put everything I could on charge and went out to get supper. Seven Eleven supplied pot noodle type thing, drinking yoghurt and water. On return I was informed all in breakfast would be at 7.

I will try and add more pictures but the tablet isn’t talking to the phone

Author: benjackson63

A new adventure biker just starting out on my blogging adventures.

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