Norway 6 Lodingen to Henningvear

In all I travelled just 17km today.

17km in the most beautiful scenery though

I had read about the challenging climb to Djevelsportal or Devils Gate. I thought I’d do more climbing in my bike gear

You start by climbing the devil’s stairs. By the end you are wishing them to stop……

Spectacular views

When the stairs stop you just wish they were back……

I’ve never riden a trial in my Forma Trials boots but I can recommend their grip on smooth rock.

Then the loose rocks test your ballance before yet more steps, which you aren’t glad to see at all. But after 2½ hours climb you are rewarded with this……..

The Devils Gate (Djevalsporten)

Its quite a thrill knowing the rock is just wedged there and at some point mother nature will erode it enough to fall.

Then there’s just the walk back down but it had started raining and those slopes got mighty slippy

Nearly there!!

By the time I was fully down, the now slippy rock, it was heavy rain. I made for the town centre and found a cafe. I sat eating whilst my gear formed pools of water on the floor. The food was good though.

A climbers lunch

I spoke to a Swiss couple who were on a cycling holiday. They were fed up with rain and were running low on money after both got a stomach bug and had to stay in a hotel for a week. They were headed to the airport to go home. I was headed for Henningsvaer. However another navigational error meant I went straight past and had to backtrack 20km.

It was a wet ride

I found the turning and within 100m there was a beach with free camping. That would do. I rode to Henningsvaer a great little fishing village but really I was soaked and just wanted to get some food to see me through.

My one photo of Henningsvaer does it no justice.

This is relevant so hear me out. Arriving back at the free camping beach I needed the loo. It was a busy place so no running behind a bush. On getting to the loo it was a pay by card access. My prepaid card was still on the bike so I fumbled inside my waterproof trousers to drag my soggy wallet out and get in to use the toilet. That done I needed to set up camp. I found a plot and settled in. I even flew the drone for a while.

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