TET 9. Arrow straight tracks

Ansia camping in Lycksele was lovely and I was torn as to stay another day or move on. But it was another gorgeous sunny day and who knew how long this would last. This indecision meant I didn’t set off until 10am.

This was section 5 and it was mostly fast straight gravel top, every now and then taking a sharp 90° turn which left me locking up the rear wheel and trying to slide it into the bend or just plain overshooting it.

I had stopped for a drink when this guy turned up. marc_the_tiny_giant on insta or Marc Honniger in person

About lunchtime I came across a lovely dam, aptly named damm2. I rode across and saw two guys on bikes stopped. I joined them and was going to have my picnic lunch. The guys had just finished there’s and told me the rest of this section was all straight to Mokkjokk.

I’d done enough gravel for the day and opted for the road to Mokkjokk. I had done something to aggravate my shoulder so sitting down and cruising seemed a good idea.

Some time later I stopped at a gokarting track for coffee and 3 bikers there also said the ride to Mokkjokk was nothing great.

What was great was getting to this place

I’d made it to the artic circle

I dont know what happened as I cruised into Mokkjokk but I had decided on staying in a hotel. It didn’t look much but it was very nice inside and the receptionist was unbelievably gorgeous, so I couldn’t say “How much!!!”, I just said “Oh yes that’s fine thankyou”.

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