Day 2 TET. Vittjo – Flaten (I may well die here in this field)

It was a warm night, mostly due to the frequent squally showers that threatened to pull the tent from the ground. Late last night I was out putting all the guide ropes. However on waking the weather was great. I made porridge and coffee before finding a duck and ducklings that enjoyed the porridge oats.

Happy with my good deed I laid back in the tent and somehow fell asleep, waking to the heavy rain again. Only this time the tent door was open and everything I had unpacked was outside in the rain. The porch was like a swimming pool. I had to move everything into the nearby shelter and dry it as best I could before packing up.

What a soggy mess
I had helpers

By the time it was all packed away the rain had stopped and I risked setting off without waterproofs. It was fine, soon I was on the loose gravel tracks again, trying to control a wayward bike intent on slipping at every given moment. I could feel that I was heading uphill and the gravel became more like large stones. I needed to get this under control or I was going to end up in a ditch. Then out of the cloud, not only came the sun but wind turbines. They were so close but all had gates to stop people driving up close. I left the bike and ten minutes later I was as close as you can get to a wind turbine.

Yup that close. I took a moment to think of my friend Raven who also loved “windmills” as she referred to them.

Back on the bike and headed away from them I found an open access gate…

Suddenly the Africa Twin didn’t seem so big

Back down out of the mountains on gravel tracks and into Hjortsberga a small town and the road directed me through an industrial estate, there was no one about. As I rounded a corner two BMW1200GS bikes and riders with all the gear went past me in the opposite direction. We had just enough time to recognise each other and wave. These were the first TET riders I had seen in Sweden.

From this point on the trails we’re easy flowing fast tracks that required concentration but no real skill to master. This country is just continuous beautiful vistas. However it was getting late and I needed a campsite. Mapping found one close by. It looked ideal apart from a barrier across the entrance. I was joined by a couple in a camper van also looking for a place to stay. We were in turn joined by Lisbeth a lady out for her evening walk. She informed us the campsite was closed this season as new owners were being sought. However campers could just park in the reception park and I could loop round the barrier and camp wherever I wanted. She even came back 30 minutes later with 5 litres of water for me. So that was me for the day.

Except for the moment I thought I may die! I’ve had a cough for months and luckily I had a negative LFT before I travelled. At night it keeps me awake so I have some lozenges. I laid down lozenge in the side of my mouth, all good until a cough came and the inhale of breath sucked the lozenge straight down my wing pipe. A weird calm came over me. “Oh bugger, I can’t breath, this will be awkward I will have to get to the camper van 60m away before I pass out.” Still crazy calm I started to get out the sleeping bag. I didnt want to try and breath in just incase it lodged further down. There was no way I’d make it to the camper. At that point I clenched my stomach muscles and thrust them inwards. Luckily for me that was enough to bring the lozenge back up.

There are worse places to draw your terminal breath

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A new adventure biker just starting out on my blogging adventures.

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  1. Loving the Blogs Ben. Hats off to you for doing the trip solo, totally different experience to doing it in a group. Maybe next year 🤔.

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