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2015 was my first self organised trip from my home to Bath, up through Wales and onto the Lake District and Peak District. I attended a Horizons Unlimited meeting at Haggs Bank before returning home. It was little more than a shake down to test my bike, camping equipment, rain gear!!!! and self. I did take some tech but had not considered a blog at that time.

In 2016 I got braver and again travelling alone rode to Portugal for an event. Then onto Oliana to compete in a navigation event, however it all went very wrong as was described in my first blog, that won me a prize in MCN new bloggers competition.

2017 I went to another continent. The big plan was to ride my bike in the Sahara. What eventually happened should have made me quit, but…..

2018’s trip was hastilly thrown together and executed, but saw me tested to my limits again when I travelled to Italy for the first ever HUBB Italia.

The Bikes:

chain off

The first bike used for any kind of adventure riding was this rather damp looking Honda Dominator NX650. I used it for the UK ride which lasted 10 days and saw me ride to Bath, up through Wales to The Lake district and then across to The Peak District and to a Horizons Unlimited meeting at Haggs Bank before riding south to return to work. I had owned the bike for just a few months and she was so good for that kind of journey.

This picture was taken whilst doing some training rides on Salisbury Plain with my friend Mark. We were training for The V.I.N.C.E in Spain. I made several modifications after that weekend and turned her into a very capable long distance bike. If anyone was ever looking for a bike to hop on and ride the world I would recommend the 18 year old Dommie. After 2016’s trip I started to plan the ride to North Africa. I lavished the Dommie with new wheels, tyres, bearings, exhaust, and numerous goodies. However there was a niggling doubt about her weight, moreover my ability to dig her out of the sand alone. This niggle pestered me to the point that I purchased a new bike. It was a very sad day that the Dommie was loaded into the buyers van and taken away.

The replacement was the Honda XR400R named DJ. I changed a few bits and serviced her ready for the trip to the Sahara.

After DJ came the Yamaha XT660Z Tenere, as yet unnamed. I have not done any long distance trips on it yet, but its ready.

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