Another day.

My day started in a low mood. I’m supposed to be in Germany not at home. I so wanted a great off road adventure on the Husqvarna and to that extent I went out to it and did all the checks again but unsurprisingly it hadn’t healed itself. I rang some dealers and specialists but to no avail, no one has the parts I need.

So it was time to enact plan B, whatever plan B is. I could only imagine it would be a road trip as the big Honda Africa Twin is a beast to handle off road. I’ve done it a few times but she’s very heavy and loaded with luggage I’m not sure I’d cope alone on trails. But no point in crying over spilt milk it was time to start swapping bits over. The phone holder was easy and then the luggage. That was a different matter as I have no luggage racks on the Honda and my bags are not only flexible but they touch the mightily hot exhaust.

100kg more than the Husky, the Honda will be a handful

Much packing and repacking went on but the bags would not sit off the exhaust. Time was running out as I had already done a few other things and managed to book a ferry for 6.30am. So a quick fix was the answer for now

Two metal pan scourers tie wrapped round the exhaust made a soft insulation between bag and exhaust

I already mentioned a ferry, so I tried to book the Eurotunnel but its fully booked for the next 3 days. Then I tried ferries and found a 6.30am sailing from Dover for me and the bike at £35 with Irish Ferries. I was ok with that until the next email said due to delays at passport control I would need to arrive at 3.30am. With the bike done I had a bite to eat, a shower and then off to bed for 3 hours. I left home at 1.15am in a scene from Groundhog Day, almost. The journey to Dover was boring, after all I had done it a few times now. This was slightly different in that it was chilly and I had to layer up twice on the way.

Arriving at 4am I was quickly through all the checks and ushered onto the 4.30 ferry.

I’m running on caffeine now. By the way, Irish Ferries, really good.

Author: benjackson63

A new adventure biker just starting out on my blogging adventures.

One thought on “Another day.”

  1. Good luck on the AT. I did my off road training on one. All should be smooth now you are on a Honda ( I have had many and they haven’t let me down. My artic circle planned departure is September with the Hussy.


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