TET 5 Jan and the T7

What I didnt mention in the last entry was that I met a German guy Jan who now lives in Sweden and had recently purchased a Yamaha T7. He was loving it and we chatted about bikes, the YET and all sorts. I tried to help him with his mapping app but his phone refused to play ball. He asked if I’d mind him joining me for a while to try the TET.   Marbacken. Jan ran bike tours in Bali before bike tours were a thing and in doing so has a network of friends around the world. He is a very interesting guy who now owns some properties he rents out as holiday homes in Sweden.

Jan on his lovely T7

So it was that we set off about 10.30 in the morning. His parting words the night before ringing in my ears, “I hope you know how to ride, I mean not so slow”

Perfect riding conditions

It was a short run from the campsite at Marbacken to the first gravel track where I led the way. We were getting along at a good pace and when we took a break I was pleased that he liked how I rode.

Jan is no slouch on the gas

Setting off again we found the track became more rocky and twisty. We were flying along both thoroughly enjoying our bikes. It was fast, tricky and above all an absolute blast.

Soon enough we were back on the gravel topped lanes

Now, if the T7 has one fault its the fuel range. I’ve riden with friends who have them and the T7 does love a petrol station and now Jan was going to need fuel. We checked and checked again it was 23km to the nearest fuel. So we left the TET and headed off in search. Eventually some 30km later we found fuel, coffee and cake. The decission now was ride back to where we left off and then another 50km to Salen or just take a scenic road to Salen just 30km. The good news is that Salen has a sports outlet store and that means sleeping bags, no more freezing nights. The scenic road was great and the Honda purred along through the sweeping bends.

Having got my new sleeping bag we started to look for lodging as Jan stays in accommodation on his trip. I had a huge pizza whilst Jan searched and we agreed on Salen Vandrar Hem lodge.

Its a lovely lodge run by a British guy, Mark and his German girlfriend. The only thing was that the price kept going up. Mark joked about recently putting the prices up as he doesn’t want to work and will force himself to for the money, which is fine unless you are joking about it to the very people you are trying to get money out of.

The place was great in lovely surroundings. There was a short walkway in the grounds along the river bank. Back in the room I charged every gadget I had.

The surrounding woodland walk

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