S2 Ep3 Prague

Crossing into the Czech Republic made this my 11th country, although some were visited twice but without question, my 2nd, new to me country. I stopped just after the border for a coffee only to find they spend Czech Koruna not Euros as I thought.

I headed to Prague and tried the town centre campsite but it wasn’t great. I then found 1 Republic Hotel in the city centre. The price for 2 nights was great and they had secure parking. On arrival the guy at the desk was so helpful, explaining they have one garage entrance but use a hydraulic stacking system for cars only, however he called the hotel over the road and arranged parking in their car park.

All tucked up safe for the night
There was a music and food festival which was handy
I knew I wanted to get around a bit so I downloaded the Lime app and gave it a go
1st stop an air vent that has been painted
A famous author who mental turmoil is represented by this art work.every hour the layers rotate in opposite directions
Museum of weird art.
In the old town ‘Tyn’ there is an anatomical clock. I think its an hour out though
Tyn square
Walking up the gorgeous town hall to the viewing gallery

The Lime scooters was fantastic. Hop on, hop off, leave it in a safe place then when you are ready pick up a new one. I took one about 2 miles to the old soviet TV tower.

Its a funky building and yes those are babies climbing up the outside!
The 10 babies were added when Prague was given the title of European City of Culture. After the year was up the locals demanded the babies stay.
Weirdly the babies have bar codes instead of faces
The building has inspired many sci-fi writers including being used on the cover of a Star Wars novel.

My weekend was finished all to quickly and I headed off having had a great time in this amazing city.

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