S2 Ep4 Brno

I did the non motorway thing again and enjoyed some flowing smooth country roads. I stopped at Kutna Hora a very small village that homes the Sedlec Ossuary. So throughout the ages the residents of Kutna Hora had some bad times 30,000 died of famine in the 12th century, then another 30,000 from the plague in the 1350’s and during the husite wars another 10,000. The 3 acre cemetary was filling up and so they started to exume the bodies and store the bones around the grounds. The upshot was that a crypt was made to store the bones and an artist employed to make it attractive. There’s no photography allowed so my pics are from Google

70,000 skulls and other bones make up the displays within
A bit weird and freaky

After about 20 minutes I moved on. Arriving mid afternoon at the Brno race track. There were some teams practicing and the whole track echoed to the sound of screaming bikes and quick shifters.

I still needed tyres if I was going to ride more off road trails. I had contacted a bike tyre shop but they never got back to me so I called in. They could fit a pair of 50/50 tyres at 2pm the following day. I agreed but that would be a wasted day. I then found a small business who had a rear tyre but no front. I took it

Looks like a tractor tyre

What followed was a frustrating ride to 2 campsites that didn’t exist and then finding one that promised to be great. Having paid and entered, reality hit. Its a big site with 8 restaurants and play areas, pubs, beaches and even a nudist beach. Nothing was open apart from the toilet blocks and they were grim, there werent even any nudists! The ground was wet and my tent also still wet from the last use.

I went out to find food and ended up eating in a petrol station. I wasn’t having fun. . . .Tomorrow is a new day.

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