Norway 9. Bodø to Trofors

The hotel supplied a great breakfast and it was gone 10am by the time I had packed all my newly dried kit away. It was still grim looking outside so I set off in full waterproofs. I had decided to just hit the main road and try to outrun the weather.

I did have to stop for some waterfalls and a funky wire bridge across the rapids

To an extent out running the rain worked and before long it was time to stop and bid farewell to the artic circle

Goodbye land of the never setting summer sun
Noticeably the land changed below the artic circle and there is a lot more dense greenery.
I was curious was this Bimbo going to cook for me as well
The further south I got the weather really started to clear up
After 350km I found a sunny spot in Trofors to dry the tent

Trofors is about half way between Bodø and Trondheim. It had been plain sailing in much better weather. I did stop to call my bank as they had frozen all my accounts. I spoke to 5 people, was on hold for over 2 hours in total to find their suspicious activity was everything I explained to them yesterday. Luckily I’m a calm person.

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