Norway 10. Cold then hot.

That was a painfully cold night. I’m lucky that I have two sleeping bags and put one inside the other. Full thermals, bed socks, snood and wooly hat

This morning the sun is trying to burn off the mist

I’m refusing to fold down the tent until its dry. We’ll that failed and at 9.30am I set off with a wet tent dripping on the back.

I didnt want to take the E6 all the way to Trondheim and Im glad I chose not to. Route 17 to Vennesund ferry was an absolute joy. The sun came out and the place was road riding heaven with scenery to match

It was now 24° and very goid riding
The trouble with travelling alone is not having anything other than arms length selfies

I was first in the queue for the ferry but I had no idea how long it would be. I knocked up a chicken roll followed by drinking yoghurt from bits I had in my bag. Then I started calling bike shops in Bergen to try and get new brake pads. The rears are worn down and the fronts are still contaminated with oil. A few places couldn’t help but the ferry was arriving so I left it.

Another rubbish ferry shot

What I didnt get was that it was the ferry crews lunch break, so having sat in full gear in the sun for 20 minutes, I took it all off again and rang another bike shop who were telling me they could get the parts I want as we were called to board. I hurried to finish the call and was the last one on board. However my brakes are on order.

The ferry took us to Holm where I rejoined the 17 and on to Rora.

The choice of campsite was driven mostly by the fact there was a pizza shop less than a me away. The sun dried the tent whilst I ate pizza.

Goodnight from Rora.

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A new adventure biker just starting out on my blogging adventures.

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