Day 6 pt2

With the water crossing done there were just two more obstacles to negotiate that day.

The first a long blast through deep sand the second another less awkward water trap.

Ready for anything now!!

Riding sand is for the brave. Lean back, keep the front light, stay loose and power through. I’m sure the Husky would have loved it. The Honda doesn’t understand light. So with my aching body trying its best, I leant back and fired the bike into the long stretch of uphill sand. It started well but as the speed dropped off up the hill the front dug in and slewed to the right, I wasn’t going to be able to hold this, so off the power and stop. Now I’m axle deep in sand on a hill with a rear tyre that doesn’t really like mud or sand. Feet down and paddle hard to get the bike moving up the hill, my feet still squelching in wet socks. Slowly there was movement and then proper forward movement but really slow and still needing to paddle my feet like a demented duck to keep going. Within a few minutes I was clear of the sand and back on track.

The next obstacle was a less daunting water crossing, in fact just a big puddle. But I had read there was a sunken log halfway through.

Quite a few have just gone for it and ended up stuck.

Once again I parked up and walked it. There were indeed two logs across the wigth and another laying in line with the path but enough to catch you out. However walking the edge was quite firm and I decided thats the way to go. Back on the bike TC and ABS off this time the bike took well to going round the edge past the logs but then something caught the front wheel and I was in the water. I just had to keep momentum going so sure enough a handful of throttle ensured we got through.

The rest of the ride was easy and soon enough I was searching for a campsite. Annoyingly I don’t have the name but selling features were, free coffee on arrival, a huge supermarket next door, a washing machine and dryer. I did all my washing and ate snack food from the store. I also met Mat and his mate who were riding the TET but were starting the next day headed north not through the water crossing.

Mat is a big ‘itchyboots’ fan and has his name in the same font as Norally on his bike.

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