Norway 13 What a day!

I woke up to clear skies and headed straight back to Trollstigen to ride it again and see the views

Trollstigen as you want to see it
So much better
The water is so clear as it flows gently to the drop
From the bottom looking up

From there I tore myself away and headed towards Geirangerfjord which involved yet another ferry crossing

From Sylte to Eidsdal
Clear roads to Geirangerfjord
The first view

At the viewing platform was a small waterfall. I stuck my head into the water. It was fresh!!!!

Brain freeze from the waterfall

The road down to Geiranger Town was spectacular. Unfortunately the gopro ran out of space on the SD card.

RIB tours where do I sign up……
First clean gear in weeks!!
Really was turning into a bad hair day
So slow
So fast!!

It was a fun hour followed by a decent lunch in the town before hopping back on the bike towards my next P.O.I.

The road out had pretty good views as well
Soon though it was getting chilly.
Very chilly.

The climb out of Geiranger was great and went up higher than I’ve been so far. It started getting very cold in amongst the snow that doesn’t melt. However 30 minutes later the sun was out again.

I swear they add dye to the water

Happy in the heat of the sun I was bumbling along thinking I should stop with the waterfall pics. In my head I said ‘Give me a moose sighting and I’ll stop’. As I rounded the next left hander stood just over the crash barrier was a huge moose with her baby. I tried so hard to stop without scaring them but to no avail. I was within 10 metres of them, a truly beautiful sight. I hit the button on the gopro ‘bleep sd card full’. Obviously they both ran back into the woods. I waited and waited but nothing so I carried on really slowly and then the appeared. I just got the camera out in time to get this….

Saw my first moose, mooses, moosi…….
Crazy blue
Another campsite at Dønnfossen
Another waterfall

What a day and what a way to celebrate 1 month on the road.

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