Turkey Day 1 and a bit.

Turkey will need a few posts. I was awake early having not only slept on the ferry but also slept soundly in the hotel. The same could not be said for Michel.

I walked the town to get a local sim card. I liked this statue and Turkish flag but I can’t tell you more about it

It was 11am before we got going. I had studied the map and saw the TET was a long way off, beyond a town called Bursa. It happened that Michel also intended travelling that way, so once again I followed, happy not to be navigating.

You all know I’m rubbish with food right? Michel introduced me to Turkish food. It was actually ok

We stayed in a cool little hotel and Michel haggled to get a good price.

The next morning we set off knowing at some point we would go separate ways, however it nearly happened within 500m. We both needed fuel and set off to get some, I got stuck behind a van then at some lights. I got to the petrol station and no Michel. I sent him a text saying I would see him on the road. As it happens we were both in traffic minutes later and reunited.

Fuel but no Michel

We stopped at a roadside cafe, they had no coffee. I opted for a tin of cold coffee and a chocolate bar. However Michel had located a Starbucks just down the road. We made a detour.

It was time for me to hit the TET. I had yet to test my new tyres in anger and soon the trail went off to the left of the road. I waved goodbye and headed off trying to keep up with Michel as the trail followed the road for a while but I was still in road mode and hadn’t disabled traction control.

It was overcast and a bit chilly but I was loving it
At first a gentle climb on wide tracks
Then fast flowing paths. The tyres felt good I was loving it

I was making great progress and then……..

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