S2 Ep5 Austria.

I was in a fowl mood. My tent was wet, even on the inside and it was going to be another wet packing up. I used the water I got last night to clean my teeth as I wasn’t sure the water in the taps was safe. I opened the bottle to the fizz of gassy water again. I swear that’s the 8th or 9th bottle in a row I’ve done that with and I hate fizzy water. The sun was out but a heavy mist was stopping it breaking through and it made the campsite look even more grim.

I set off and within 30 minutes I was in Austria, the sun was out and I was singing songs from The Sound of Music.

It would be a day of making miles and I did, passing through Austria, Slovenia and into Croatia. I was headed to Zagreb but with 400km showing for the day I headed to a campsite. It was tiny with no services as it had only been open a short while. However it was loads better than last nights.

Sorry no good pics

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