Finland to Finland fín was very quick. Less than two hours. If I hadn’t stopped a few times my feet may not have actually touched Finnish soil. What was aparent is that the “finger of Finland” is like a transition area. In Sweden you are constantly surrounded by trees and although you do rise and decend a lot, the constant presence of vast lakes makes it feel like you are at sea level. As you enter Finland that ceases and the road rises higher than the surrounding land, the trees stop and the rough mountainous rucks start to build up. Then Norway arrives in a blur of empty border control booths.

Goodbye Sweden
Hello Finland
I have a habit of finding a abandoned airfields
I stopped to but sme bits and found this. The owners are Swiss and were celebrating 1 year on the road in their self build 1991 fire engine.

It was getting colder for sure. I decided to stop for a warm up. It turned into lunch in a really cool, buy very warm geodesic igloo.

As I left in walked Marc Henniger again. We had a chat and thought we would probably see each other at Nordkapp.

Norway is so rugged, everything about it, the faces of all the hills and mountains forged by ice ages and ferocious erosion. The water flows fast in the streams and boils as it passes over and around huge boulders. Its a hard land with tough people who are kind and welcoming.

At 4pm I rolled into Alta, one of the last big towns headed north. I decided to end early. The campsite was fine with views of the fjord and snow capped mountains. I rode into town and found a jet wash to clean the bike. On the way back to camp I saw the very distinguished KTM and rider Marc Honniger again. He was headed further up the road to camp. After that, back at camp I adjusted and oiled the chain.

It does what it says
Maintenance night
Then relax and watch the sunset

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