Norway 2 reindeer and rain dear

Starting at Skiaga It was the same gorgeous ride back through to Alta and then on the E6 to Tromsø. I had done about 5km when I saw what looked like a ski jump. Some 15 minutes later I was at the base. It all looked very old.

The steps swayed as you climb them.
Not sure HSE would allow this

Once at the top of the steps you are effectively at the launch point for the skier.

Yes its overgrown but imagine throwing yourself down that on skis. My bike is at the bottom

Looking up the ramp I couldn’t imagine the bravery

Nylon runners keep the skis straight

I went to climb the stairs but it was clear they didn’t want people climbing it

The stairs were closed on several levels

But people had and I was the next one to feed myself through the framework and around the gates

I was rewarded with some great views, although the wooden floor was rotting

No,just no! (Also I’d left the keys in the bike with all my riding gear too)
There was even an airport

This little diversion had taken a good hour so I wasn’t going to make Tromsø in a day. I’m in no rush, when will I ever be in this part of the world again? The riding was easy, despite the painfully low speed limits. The tunnels through the fjord side rock where long, some 5km long.

This made me laugh

Watch out for reindeer in the tunnel. I was wondering why they would venture into the tunnel, but as one lady had told me, they are just stupid and then…….

Yup plain stupid, stood in the tunnel

I saw him stood there quite near the exit and slowed as he turned and trotted out. But a vehicle coming the other way confussed him. I parked up and ushered him out the way

At some point I came up on a queue of traffic at roadworks. In front of me a car and in front of them a bike. I could just make out a UK sticker on the top box. In time I skipped the car and tu ked in behind the bike, a big road going BMW. I was just enjoying the ride when I noticed some markings on this guys rear tyre, the more I looked the more concerned I was but what to do. I should try and stop him in case it is dangerous. At that point he indicated to pull over so I tucked into the same lay-by. Ettiene is South African but has lived in Suffolk for many years. His trip is exceptional, setting off from UK in May he has travelled as far as Georgia and now is returning from Nordkapp.  Formalities out the way I asked if his tyre was OK. We looked, it wasnt

Honestly this is the good side

We had a dilema and searched for tyre dealers, there was one 25km away. “Do you think it will be safe to ride?” He asked. The fact was he had been riding on it for some time and really had no choice. I said I would follow to keep a safe gap between following traffic.

30km later we arrived at the first place, they were ATV and trailer specialists so no good and had no good news. Its 125km to Tromsø and that is the best bet, we were told. However 500metres later was a car spares place and I asked a local biker. “Tromsø” he said. Then he looked at the tyre “WOW you’ll not make Tromsø”. He pointed across the road to a car tyre dealer. 3 minutes later good news. They could get a tyre and fit it. The bad news Ettiene would be there for 3 days minimum. We got chatting to a guy, Jess from the Netherlands, who had the same issue on his camper but they would have his tyres in the morning. I bid them both safe onward journeys and set off.

Just stunning
I’d just missed the ferry

The quickest way to Tromsø is by taking 2 ferries and island hopping. I arrived in Olderberg and watched the ferry sail off. It was 5pm and maybe I could camp here. I took a little ride and found some cabins to rent. 100nk or £10. That’s cheaper than camping. OK it wasn’t luxurious and if anyone else turned up I would be sharing. No bedding charge if you use your own sleeping bag. The bike was under cover as the rain started.

Later I met Sebastian a French cyclist making his way to Nordkapp. We ended up in the same dorm.

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