Norway 7 Henningsvaer to Henningvaer

Ok, I like that the rain has fitted in to mostly happen at night, but packing and unpacking a wet tent is getting annoying now. Everything feels damp even inside my waterproof socks. I need a drying day and today is not it!

A very misty damp start to the day

I was grumpy with the weather and the couple who pitched their tent next to mine and sat chatting for hours, then the rain. So I packed up my sodden gear. Loaded the bike and set off.

20km in I needed fuel. I keep my phone and preloaded bank card on the bike but old habits I reached for my wallet, not there. Weird. I go through the filling procedure and then check all my pockets. No definitely not there. I must have put it in the tent last night and forgotten to take it out this morning.

I wasn’t worried as I was pretty sure I would have put it in a bag or something. As I rode on my mind wandered to where I’d used it last. Last night in the pay as you go toilet. Had I put it on the side and forgotten it?

There are loads of these bridges linking the islands

I knew Jess was behind me headed towards Henningsvaer, so I messaged him asking him to check the toilet block. He replied saying yes but it would most likely be the next day.

I had stopped at a very lovely beach. I had done 85km.

Rambert beach

The weather was clearing and I took the chance to search my bags and even unloaded the tent to dry it a bit. No wallet.

There was no reason not to go back and look in both the toilet block and campsite. I headed back in increasingly nice weather. It was about an hour back on a great twisty road. Back at the campsite my search was fruitless. I was about to head into Henningsvaer to see it in the sun when Jess turned up. We had a quick chat and went our separate ways again.

Henningsvaer is beautiful

So what now? That beach I saw earlier had a campsite and it was nice, ill go there. 86km later I was back and the rain clouds where gathering. I asked about a lodge but they were all booked so I set up my tent, had a shower and went to the restaurant for an evening meal.

Pudding was wonderful

I went to sleep with the sound of rain again……..

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