Day 4 Give me your wheels.

I was pleased to wake up early and pack away a dry tent. It was 8.15 when I set off and was soon back on the trail. Something didnt feel right and 15 minutes in I realised why. Parked at the side of the track was a Pontiac Firebird in black. I instantly recognised it from the day before, i was on the track but heading the wrong way!

Back at the start again I was pleased to be tested with some more technical rocky sections and tight woodland but this soon gave way to wide twin track paths and gravel.

As a fairly new rider on a big bike in gravel, last time was 1981 on a Honda XR500, I had to learn how the bike handled best and within a short period of time I found standing and steering through weight shift on the footrests left the bars to slew in the gravel but ultimately science made the wheel stay roughly straight. The bike was free to weave whilst I held a light grip on the bars, shifting body weight forward and back depending on terrain.

Later the trail became roads and then I found another Honda Africa Twin. It belonged to Thorsten Dörfler. He was doing a few days on the TET. His bike was well kitted out but he wouldn’t give me his tyres.

Thorston and I negotiate a price for his tyres

I continued on, stopping to pick up some provisions for tea. At about 5pm I happened upon a great little campsite. Skogsgarden site is a family business which is growing yearly. The area is great with lots of areas to pitch up in solitude. I pitched close to the toilet block and outdoor kitchen. I then set about cooking, well what can only be described as severed thumbs!

On the last leg of the day
Skogsgarden camping
Num num num thumb

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