Norway 12 Atlantic Bridges

My room last night was grey with grey curtains, on opening those curtains this morning I was met with a monochrome grey sky.

But it was not raining so on with the gear, load up the bike and head to the Atlantic Way Bridges

Probably the most famous bridge
But it looks so wrong from this angle
I rode over it several times trying to get my drone to follow me but its a bit slow and couldn’t cope.

Weirdly I attracted a little audience who wanted to hear about my trip and I spent a good hour showing pics and talking to various couples, travellers and locals. As I set off it started to rain so I was again stopped to put on the full wet gear.

A short wet ride brought me to Molde and a McDonalds. I was due some food so that was perfect. Fed and watered it was a very short hop to the ferry that took me to Vestnes.

This is my happy face!

It was then a 60km run to Trollstigen (Trolls ladder). A well known road that ascends the side of a huge mountain, its switchbacks are really tight and the drop off the side perilous.

I found a riding buddy
Trollstigen was shrouded in mist and low cloud
Impatient to get going up the hill
I could hear the water cascading from far higher than I was able to see
Its like an app you use for free, you only get to see half of it

At the top is a visitor centre with a walkway to see the views but you simply couldn’t see them. I had a walk and tried to take some pics but it didn’t really do it justice.

The viewing platform really wasn’t working.

As I left I was following a motorhome and visibility dropped to 5 metres. I could barely see the kerbs on both sides. The motorhome let me past, I wasn’t sure I wanted to lead. After some 3km the road started to drop out of the cloud and it was a clearer run. 30km later I found a campsite. That’s close enough to go back if the weather is better tomorrow and not an issue if it isn’t as Geiranger Fjord is not far away.

The campsite was near yet another waterfall. It was stunning

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