A quandary

What can I tell you,I scoffed porridge and drank coffee on the camp site before packing up and heading off towards Copenhagen. It was another warm day and as it was a short journey I opted for non motorway. Being early it was fairly busy and I pottered along with all the commuters, knowing just how lucky I was not to be crossing London for another shift.

Soon enough I was guided onto the motorway and towards the Storebæltsbroen, a very impressive bridge with high winds to match its high road.

The Storebæltsbroen (Great Belt Bridge)

I made it to the campsite on the edge of the Capitol about 4pm after various stops to cool down and drink water, eat ice cream etc. Camp Beløj is a temporary camp set up every year and at first I thought it was in the middle of extensive road works but it’s actually in the middle of a closed street race circuit and this weekend is the Danish Classic Grand Prix. The campsite and especially my tent were in the paddock. So its Tuesday the 2nd and racing starts on Friday. I’m booked until Thursday afternoon. Quandary, do I buy a ticket and stay for the weekend?

Plenty of time to work that out. I scoffed a chicken salad, drinking yoghurt, raspberries and some sweets, whilst in the tent avoiding the flying ants that decided to swarm the camp. The porch of the tent has a separate ground sheet that has a lip all the way round. I needed to be careful not to puncture the floor or trip on the lip. My overall thinking was that if water did get in I’d have a swimming pool

Good salad n goodnight

Author: benjackson63

A new adventure biker just starting out on my blogging adventures.

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