Norway 11 Trondheim

It had been a warm dry night so I packed away a thoroughly dry tent and set off for Trondheim. I drove straight there and noticed a lot more industry and expanding infrastructure. Lots of big industrial areas and road expansions.

It was 10.30 when I parked the bike in the centre of town. I found the Cake n Coffee Kafé, being a big fan of all those elements I sat down, got the map out and planned my next moves.

Planning more stages with some coffee and cake

Trondheim used to be the Capitol of Norway but that was in Viking times and it lost the tittle in 1217.

The old city was what I wanted to see and it didn’t disappoint.

Trondheims old town
The old draw bridge no longer functions but is represented by the original gateways

Having seen the old town I walked some of the newer area where expensive retailers had fabulous shops. There was a cruise ship in harbour and the town was filling with the occupants of this 19 story bohemeth.

So big I struggled to fit it in the shot.

My next appointment would be the Atlantic Way and the bridges that join the little islands. But I wouldn’t make it today, so I checked ‘OSMand’ mapping for a casual country drive towards Mølde.

The route departed the E39 onto the 680 at Stormyra.
I stopped here seconds after seeing 2 F35 aircraft come through really fast and low, as they did so a third joined them banking incredibly tight to get behind them. I love a Top Gun moment
Every turn presents you with achingly wonderful views
The ferry from Tømmervåg to Seivika was due but I found time to scoff a roll.
My ferry shots get no better

Seivika to Kristiansund was a short run and I found a camp site near the town. They had a lodge and it was fairly cheap with breakfast thrown in. So I booked in and promptly charged all my gadgets. There was a self wash for the bike just down the road so I used that, came back, adjusted the chain and oiled it. All before bed time

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