I’m off again

Its July 4th and I have declared my independence. Today I gave 9 days notice to leave my job. My travel taste buds have been fired up by the removal, mostly, of travel restrictions and a few little inspirations. Firstly I have a new adventure bike, the Husqvarna 701, then there was a long weekend riding the South West TET and then a long weekend in Germany. But finally at the Adventure Bike Festival I met, chatted to and listened to a presentation by enduro racer Joey Evans. If you don’t know Joey or his story, look him up. The man shouldn’t be alive, shouldn’t be out of his wheelchair, shouldn’t be on a motorcycle and should never have entered and completed the Dakar Rally.

So onto my trip. For a while I have harboured a thought of riding to Nordkapp, the furthest point north in Norway. I could do that on a road trip and it would be incredible but as always I wanted a tiny challenge, so I am hoping to ride the TET (Trans European Trail) the length of Sweden. Its about 2000 miles of mostly off road trails. Then when that ends I will continue up to the top of Norway and 600 miles inside the artic circle. After that I will ride back down the coast road of Norway and hopefully see some amazing places.

However, before all that I need to finish work, finish a few private jobs, move all my stuff and 5 motorbikes back home and put it all in storage. I’ll not bother you again until I hit the road.

Author: benjackson63

A new adventure biker just starting out on my blogging adventures.

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