Next stop, Tyre shop

Breakfast at the Novum Hotel was really good and set me up for the day. I packed up and headed off confident the day would improve from grey overcast, as I headed towards Hamburg.

I had repacked for a third time and it looked like it would handle better. Note the waterproof gloves drying on the back

As I rode along, mostly, motorway again I caught a glimpse of blue sky and within 100km it was all blue and warm. I stopped just short of Hamburg to see if I could find a tyre dealer. As luck would have it there was a tyre depot just 5km away. On arrival a very nice lady told me they had nothing but she knew a man who would.

John from Hagemann Reifen

This man, John Hagemann who has a bike tyre shop in Hamburg. John is a great guy who once raced the Welsh 6 day enduro as a team rider for Maico. He was so helpful and after a quick check in the store he came up with a pair of Pirelli Scorpion STR’s

Sexy new tyres, tinged with sadness as the old ones were less than half worn
Whilst John worked his magic I found a cafe with German sausage hot dogs

Belly full I was back on the road fully aware that new tyres need a few heat cycles through them to bed in. I really wanted to make it to Denmark and so hit the motorway North and before I knew it I was slowing for border control, the first I’d seen since Dover.

I stopped at a shopping centre for a coffee and looked for camping. Quickly finding Skamling Camping. I pinged off an email to the former British Banker, owner Peter and was rewarded with a prompt “Yes”. An hour later I was there and pitching my tent

Tent up. Solar charger filling the phones up.

Peters wife, whose name escapes me, suggested riding down a small track to the pond area. She was right it was perfect. I think I’d eaten enough junk food to miss eating before bed. The stars were incredibly bright in the sky with next to no light pollution. It was also crazy cold. Sleeping bag, full thermals, snood, socks and wooly hat were required. All of which has left me a little worried about the Artic Circle and higher.

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