Norway 14 Bismo to Laerdal.

That was the coldest night of my life. Double sleeping bags and bike jacket over my feet. Draw strings on the head cover pulled in so I looked like Kenny from South Park. It was my own fault for not being prepared and then not wanting to get all my warm stuff out to put on. As a result when the sun did hit my tent I fell asleep and had a great lay in.

Once up,showered, packed and on the move I quickly found a place for morning coffee. Whilst there I spoke to 3 local bikers and they said the route I was taking took me past the highest peak in Norway.(Galdhøpiggen, nope me either)

Not just past it but there’s a 13km road to the top
Higher than all those
And those
Headed back down was fun with my worn out rear brake and slipping front ones!!
It was definitely a day of altitude and I was chilly most of the day

I cant keep saying it, but the roads and sights are a devine mix. Norway, its empties your wallet and steals your heart!

Just look at that road and they are all like it
Another ferry to get from Manheller  to Fodness
Laerdal campsite

The run from the ferry to Laerdal was short and I decided to stop early as I wanted to check over the bike.

Sit’ Rep: The bike is holding up, there is wear on the chain and sprockets.

But I’m in Bergen on Tuesday and I have arranged a home stay with garage and tools via Bunk-A-Biker Norway. Its world wide but Norway is so expensive these people like to help out the weary and needy traveller.

Had a message from Jess asking where I am. Then asked if I’ve been through the tunnel yet. I’ve been through lots of tunnels. However my morning journey starts with the world’s longest tunnel.

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