Norway 4 Tromsø

I wasn’t up that early, the bed was huge and very comfy. However there was sun shinning in through the window and most my stuff was dry. I started moving my bags to reception. As the lift doors opened and there stood Sebastian 2. We laughed at seeing each other again. Bless him he had waited an hour at the ferry port in the hope it would stop raining but it just got worse. Still he was taking a day out and heading to a brewery in town.

One of two identical bridges into Tromsø

I drove out to the car park Jess was staying at and we had a brief chat before swapping numbers. On the way back I picked up provisions. Norway is expensive to keep eating out and staying in hotels.

I used to eat these most days when I lived in Norway
Another expense £35 to ride a cable car

I’d read the cable car gives great views and it was a stunning day so I paid for parking and then paid for the cable car. Its a 4 minute ride and there’s a viewing gallery. You can then walk to the very top of the mountain. It took about an hour but was fun and gave great views of Tromsø.

Going up
Tromsø and just over the far side the sunken wreck of the German destroyer Turpitz

The main bridge into Tromsø and at this end the snow cathedral
The cable car station and viewing gallery

The cable car was swift and the viewing gallery a great place to, well view! I saw a flag in the distance and started walking towards it as it seemed to mark the highest point. “I’ll be there in 20 minutes”, an hour later I was there. A sweaty mess but I’d made it. My question to the mayor of Tromsø, you made a cable car and charged me 350Nkr to ride it, why not make it go to the top?

An hour later I reached the top.
Its a much paler mustard when it’s dry

After a rest back at the cable car station I made my way to the snow cathedral. Its a gorgeous building and it’s design let’s light flood in.

Ok, enough churchy stuff.

I was back on the road trying not to use the E roads as spectacular as they are the side roads are often better and I’m in no rush. I made my way 130km to Bardofoss and found a cheap little campsite at Målselvfossen. Fossen means waterfall and this had a great one. I was in for another hike though

The roar could be heard from my tent
Back at camp it was time to strip and clean those pesky fork seals.

The fork seals have been leaking a while and stupid me had only cleaned the dust covers. Now with a home made scraper made from my cinema loyalty card I removed the dust covers and cleaned the seals proper.

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