Amsterdam my second home

I lived in Amsterdam for a while back in the 80’s and back then I decided it would be my second home if I were rich. The squares, the entertainers, the people, food, culture were everything a 27yr old me wanted. As a result I have returned here many times.

But it’s changing, or maybe I’m changing. It all seems a bit messy with roadworks everywhere and full off litter. I mean the history is still there and my camp site was great, just North of the canal behind Central Station there were free ferries running 24/7 to access the city.

On my first crossing I saw this building, then on closer inspection I saw the swings on top of the other one, hmmmmm!!

A quick look and I could see that the A’dam building had once been the site of Amsterdams gallows and a real treat for the whole family, back in the day aparently! Now it’s a business centre with a revolving cafe and coffee bar.

I spent the whole day walking the city visiting squares I used to go to, it was sunny and the colours at the pride weekend gathering where spectacular. I ate lots of junk food and watched people from the comfort of outdoor cafes. It was exactly what I needed after the start of the trip. It had been 3 testing days but now I was on track. It was 11pm when I got back to my tent and sleep came very easy.

I was up showered and packed early. It had rained but in a brief gap I quickly packed the tent whilst it wasn’t too wet. I went to get a coffee and the heavens opened. It was time to get going. Full waterproofs, but before I leave just one more thing…….

100m high swing ride

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