Day 3 A nice ride in the country.

It had rained loads all night and as a result I was up and trying to get warm with coffee and porridge. The rain had stopped but was threatening to return. There’s nothing worse than packing a wet tent. Anyway I filled my hydration pack from the water Lisbeth had supplied and returned the container to her post box as she had asked. By 8am I was back on two wheels, still cold and feeling damp despite not being even slightly wet.

Within 30 minutes I was at Isaberg ski resort. The mountains around scared by ski runs and ski lifts. There was a sign advertising coffee but maybe the people of Isaberg don’t need coffee before mid day as that’s the time they opened. However the ride up there had been fun.

I was riding mostly wide gravel top lanes and small roads. I stopped in a tiny village to admire their church and the strange building next to it. The key in the door was worth the stop alone

I had no clue as to the red building but saw just one guy in the area so I asked. He informed me it was the bell tower and they had rung the bells earlier that day to signify a funeral day. “That’s why it’s so busy here today”. I looked around there was not another soul or sound to be seen or heard. I thanked him and set off, but not before the church cat had visited for some fuss.

For lunch I had Swedish meat balls, gravy and mash. It was great with free refill coffee.

Vattern lake.

The road had been climbing and it was chilly in the wind despite the clear skies. Then all of a sudden I saw Vattern Lake, you’d swear it was the sea. I remember when planning the route, thinking that I may see a part of it. I certainly had.

Later in the day I cometed Sec1 of the TET. 474km done and 5 bigger sections to go. A lot of the day had now been roads but wow they were great. Twisting, turning with big hidden dips and sweeping bend. I swear there were some attempts to replicate race circuits. Eventually I turned up at Tivitsbadet Camping near Barrud. It was a mini Hawaii

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