Norway 1 Nordkapp.

It was a cold night in Alta so i spent a long time in the shower warming up before heading off for the furthest point North this trip would allow. It soon warmed up and the scenery was stunning. I cant describe it so here are some pictures

These designs were created by one child from every continent and they all came to Nordkapp in a sign of world unity for the unveiling
Theres a great story attached to this….. unfortunately I don’t know it!!

It was 200km of road riding bliss. Every corner revealed another stunning view. I wasn’t prepared to pay the £35 for access to the gift shop and cafe. So entry was free with strict warnings not to try and get the bike to the globe. As I parked my bike I again spotted Marc on his KTM. He had been there, done that and was headed back towards Finland.

Just one thing left to do. Get the prize photo

I’d made it to the furthest point you can ride North on mainland Europe.

I spent surprisingly little time there. Enough to get photos and cold from the bitter wind. I rode back to the next little fishing village and found a seafood cafe. I don’t do seafood but the carrot cake and coffee were good, as was the company of the waitress who told me about the King crabs she sells and showed me the keep tank with probably 50 King crabs in. She really loves them despite cooking them alive. She didn’t like the expression ‘underwater sea spiders’.

From there I headed back to Skaida where I found a small hotel and booked in for the night. There was the chance of an aurora that night but this far north it just didn’t get dark enough to see anything.

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