2. Saddle sore

It’s the end of day 2 and I am short on time as the battery in the tab is low. The expensive USB charger I purchased for the trip has gone duff. I still have the cheap Chinese one but that is linked into the ignition and the bike has done more than enough running today, allied to that the charger is handlebar mounted and the tab isn’t. However my excellent French enabled me to converse with a family on the camp site and they charged it to 40% before they had to go out. I say my excellent French, it was more my ability to spot the child who speaks English and get her to ask mum n dad (momma et pappa). I’m a natural me!

So I was up early and straight on the road, ok it was 9am and then I had the full breakfast before packing and setting sail. I had spent the night in a F1 hotel at La Roche Sur Yon. It was just my bad luck that a whole troop of batten twirlers were staying there and were practicing late into the night. I had to stay, it would have been rude not to. Anyway on with the journey. It was already hot by the time the bike was loaded and on the road. Again I chose to make miles rather than sight see. Although I did drop into La Rochelle, another holiday destination from my youth. Funny how things don’t seem the same 35 years later! It was very built up and I never did find the beach that we camped on as teenagers. I headed south towards Bordeaux, the wine region. There were plenty of grape vines to prove I was in the area and for some reason a number of roadside melon sellers. I don’t know much about the French but I certainly didn’t know they do melon. I do know that their housing confuses me. It all looks so old and everywhere has shutters. Most places look medieval but cared for. I think I like it. Obviously I can’t show you pictures because I’m still a newbie at this blogging app thingy.

Today was also bike maintenance day. Oh yes the left mirror came loose. It was the friction screw, so I fixed it in no time. I did glance over the rest of it and even tried to jury rig a charger for the tablet but it wasn’t going to happen. Does filling it up with fuel count as maintenance? I did that twice and even used my credit card because its Sunday and the French still do that Sunday rest thing. In fact they do a lot of chilled stuff and again I quite like it. For instance I am now sat at a bar with a beer enjoying the evening with other chillaxed people. I came here first because I was thirsty and then I saw the ice cream menu. If they did pizza I may never leave.

Sorry if this is all a bit disjointed but I am aware that battery life is limited and the quantity of beer seems directly proportional to the speed and accuracy of the typing hic hic.
Only once today did I need the yellow arrow (see pic), having performed a fantastic feet up turn in the narrow road I was immediately confronted by another mad French man on the wrong side of the carriageway. Oh no sorry it was me again.

I have had contact from Colin and Raven. So, Colin is a friend from work and Raven is, well Raven is a friend of Colins I think. Anyway here’s the rub. Colin and I were chatting one day and he found out my intention to do a Europe trip this year. He suggested the bike meet at Faro. He then suggested we meet there. He must know I’m a terrible companion to travel with. It was agreed, right up to the point that he cancelled due to work commitments. Well that got sorted and him and Raven are currently headed down through France and hopefully we will all meet up at some point in Faro. He just messaged me to say he knocked Raven off her bike. It was slow speed and no damage. They are tying to do another 100km before bedding down. I am trying to do a few more litres before doing the same.
Today’s roads were long and straight, I got so bored I even filmed some corners when they happened. Having said that I made good progress with another 280 miles bagged. I was heading for Pau but I came to Aire Sur L’adour first. As I turned into the town I crossed a bridge over a small river. It was very picturesque, and then I saw a camp site right at the edge of the river. I had to stop there. “Un personne pour un nuit avec un tente si vous plait mate”. It worked and a few minutes later I was ensconced by the rivers edge. Ablutions done I went to the bar in the square and here we are up to date.

The Adour River with a weir on one side of the bridge and my campsite on the other. At the end of the road is the bar where I wrote this blog

You have my sincere apologies if this is an awful post but its all I can manage at this time. I will work on the photographs and maybe even videos but for now be grateful I am not posting pictures of the toilets along the way!

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