Week 3. Tri-ing for Eva. (Now aiming for summer 2021)

tri2The best motivation. When you do these things it’s great to have motivation. I now have the best motivation, so I am pleased to announce the launch of my Just Giving page. I have some very dear friends who will appreciate your help with whatever you can give. Read the full story at Bens Just Giving page

Swimming. A great week with two swims and lots of YouTube inspiration saw me reach 180m in one session and 100m of those were freestyle. I am trying to slow everything down and breath better. I can bang out a fast 25m but need 3 minutes to recover, so slowly slowly wins the race (I won’t win the race). Oh, I now know I may have overdone it. I have a massive stabbing pain in my right shoulder. I think I need to rest the swimming arms.

Cycling. I enjoy the cycling, even if it is in the gym staring at the green wall. It seems fairly smooth and yes I still only ride ‘fake’ flat roads but stamina and distance are increasing. Next I need to find an actual bike.

Running. I’m closing in on race distance, my pace is still slow. I intended to do park run this week but overslept by 4 hours. I guess I needed it.


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