Loomies to the dunes

I was up early with every intention of texting Adele Roberts on her Radio 1 early morning show. I am a regular listener and she has a section whereby people wishing to be excused regular listening can apply for a pass. I felt I stood a good chance of getting a mention, but I was already in holiday mode. I batted the alarm off and promptly fell asleep again. The next time I woke it really was time for me to get up. I had packed most of my kit and laid the rest out in readiness.
By lunchtime I was set to go. I kicked around a little and then was reminded that I needed to drop a birthday card at a friend’s house. For some reason I then went into rush mode, scribbling a card, throwing on my clothes and heading out. As I pulled the bike backwards out the gate I felt the whole back end wobble. I shook the heavily loaded rack, there was a clunk and clearly the rack was lose. The day before I had to replace the rear indicators and in my rush had not tightened the rack back down. I still had ample time but I was in hurry up mode. Luggage stripped and tool kit tested, I tightened the nuts and bolts before reloading everything. A few quick pics and I was off. wp-image-1280031219

I stopped at Loomies Moto Cafe, snapping a quick picture at the bikers meeting point before again heading South. I dropped the card off and made for the ferry at Portsmouth. As I rode the final stretch I thought to myself ‘It’s lucky you tightened that rack earlier as you may not get another chance before Africa’ I chuckled yeah that’s right I’m actually going to Africa. 

Author: benjackson63

A new adventure biker just starting out on my blogging adventures.

One thought on “Loomies to the dunes”

  1. The friend says “thanks for the card”. Not sure you should say you scribbled the card – surely a lot of care and attention went into it!
    Anyway I’m just reading your blog – so that’s at least one follower!
    Happy and safe biking. X


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